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Heirloom Harvest: Collard Greens “Georgia Southern"

Collard greens. So good my honey has a t-shirt proclaiming his dedication to them. Collard greens. So good when the legendary Kingfish Cafe 25 years ago in Seattle changed my whole perspective towards because they were so crazy good, I taught myself how to make them in homage to their brilliance when I moved south in the early 2000s. Collard greens. So good I then learned about the many other ways to eat them, from using them as wraps to chiffonading them in everything from curry to mac, how good they are in salads when they are young and not yet bitter, and so much more.

Yep we grow them big time nowadays and they are THRIVING here in the Valley. This Georgia Southern variety is an heirloom that's been around since the late 19th century and are definitely a 'rough and tough' that can grow in many environs. They were the very first greens to come up this spring and I'm still succession planting them as it feels like - similar to tomatoes and peppers - that I just won't have enough!


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