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Harvest: Swiss Chard

I have to admit, I have a new crush on Swiss Chard! I never thought I would as if you eat it solo, it's kinda bitter, even if it's sooo pretty in the garden, but in appreciating its hardiness and reliability in our raised beds this past - & very odd weather - spring, I was motivated to look for different ways to use and prepare it...and now it's in just about every meal! Wanting to add the 'dark leafy green' fiber to a bowl or salad that romaine cannot compete with, not to mention can't be cooked with, Swiss chard is beautifully included when cut chiffonade-style so you don't get those big lumps of bitter green but still get its benefits, and it's Really Really Good mixed into pasta where, similar to collards and kale, the bitterness mellows considerably. Give it a chance if you haven't already!


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