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Hardy Fuschia: “Bandon"

Big, hardy, awesome fuschias. I love them. While my gram always had the hanging pots (don't all grams?) of them, I have always been a bigger fan of the bigger-the-better hardy versions that come back year after year and in a variety of shades.

While we don't have a lot of true shady areas, the Bandon variety (yep, named after the lovely little Southern Oregon beach town it originated, a place ironically where we were seconds away from moving to...until a health emergency made me realize I couldn't live 6 hours from the nearest quality hospital) can take the part sun, so I planted this big ol' beauty (seriously, it'll get 3' tall or more) in front of two more sensitive-to-sun versions, in hopes this one will help filter the morning sun. But in the meantime? This has just begun to bloom and I couldn't resist getting up close and personal to its flowers....


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