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Geum: “Starker’s Magnificent"

When the sun hits the geums, it almost hurts the eyes they are so brilliant. And when they grow far away from the reach of our ducks’ little nibbling bills? They thrive!

The geum is an alpine perennial related to the rose that I fell in love with back at our last place, the Emerald City cottage, and is highly underrated as far as I’m concerned (or at least seems to be rarely lauded in the magazines). We planted two this year (the other is in red) and may add more as spring progresses, as they are great repeat bloomers (if you deadhead them regularly), are VERY cold hardy (down to around -15F), and can be divided every few years.

PS - It turns out I’ve been pronouncing them wrong as a fairly newbie to growing these beauties - it’s “gee-um” (not “joom”)


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