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Geum: "Double Bloody Mary"

Did you know that geum is pronounced with a hard "g"? Neither did I. But it is, and now I'm working on remembering how to say the name of one of my favorite discoveries after downsizing from farm life to our short stint in the City back in 2021. After watching the ducks gobble down the leaves, I quickly relocated it to our front garden there and it started to show us how lovely it could be...but it wasn't til coming up here to the Valley and I planted the "Double Bloody Mary along with the previously-posted Starker's Magnificent in a spot - again, in the front garden to protect them from the girls - that has far more sun that the ones back in the Emerald City (a front yard that, while I transformed it immensely and am very proud of it, also made me crazy with the amount of "surprise shade" I discovered due to the placement of the nextdoor neighbor's massive evergreen. It's what made me a student of 'following the sun' for an entire year and made me a better gardener, though!). While the orange one has been blooming for a few weeks, this red geum just bloomed this week and was definitely worth the wait for this delicate, graceful bloom. Perhaps this means more shall be planted next spring? We'll see, y'all...

Biggest tip if you plant geums? Make sure to regularly deadhead the spent blooms as it will keep reblooming - it's so so SO worth it!


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