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Garnet Yam & Ricotta Gnocchi with Pesto-Herb Sauce

With a surprise diagnosis after 3 years virus free, COVID-19 shut down our triple-vaxxed household for the past few days...before a much-needed grocery haul happened. So we've been getting creative, going through what we have in the kitchen to make some surprisingly tasty dishes, combining the remainder of our fresh produce with items from the freezer, pantry and - finally! - a few bits from the garden.

Tonight I did a quick online search for some inspo with the last garnet yam and most of a tub of organic ricotta we had on hand and decided to riff off of this recipe by The BakerMama , subbing sweet potato for yam in the recipe, ignoring the blob of lemon-ricotta, and combining the half-cup of homemade pesto I had left in the freezer with some fresh savory, thyme and rosemary in the garden to make a pretty killer sauce. It took literally 30 minutes from start to finish, nuking the yam then mixing the dough in the food processor before rolling it and adding it to the pot of boiling water.

So awesome!


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