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Garden DIY: Trellis Planter

Last year, I got very much into experimenting with vertical gardening, and came up with a variety of ideas of how I could use my existing trellises to maximize space with some DIY hanging planters on them. Using leftover scraps of cedar fencing to build them, with literally just wood glue, my trusty Ryobi nailer, and some hooks from the nursery fitted in through a drill hole, I was good to go.

After a few fails with the wrong plants (things that needed deeper soil &/or way more water) and in less-than-ideal locations (watching the sun during your first year at your new home is crucial, not to mention how it changes after a nextdoor neighbor cuts all their trees down along your fenceline!), I've decided to expand my herb garden via the vertical trellis, installed literally outside our back door. I love the east-facing location because it gets great morning and early afternoon light, but is in the shade of the house by the time when a hot sun would bake and quickly dry this shallow container and plants it to dust.

From mints to thyme to oregano, let the herb-ing begin!


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