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Early Morning with Blondie & Lucy

Morning for the girls in spring means one thing…a dip in the pool, of course. While everyone else is still yawning, they are good to go after laying their eggs pre-dawn (well, usually on the latter…) and yelling at us to be let out the minute they hear us opening the blinds in the rooms on their side of the house. Only having two ducks after losing our others last June, I didn’t see the need in taking our bigger tank with us, and gave it to our nextdoor neighbor who was interested in repurposing it, and went back to the $5 kiddie pool which they can both get in and out of easily. Not keen on the plastic, but for this, it is what it is plus it only takes 3 buckets of water to fill it up (and Lucy is almost always in the water before the 2nd bucket is even filled). Anyhow, they muck it up pretty quickly so I use that water first on our garden before even using our rain tanks, which is a pretty good deal.

As for the girls? We will soon reach the one year mark since we/they lost their sisters, but they have a pretty good rhythm now in their new home here in the Valley, and Lucy has decided to pretty much take on the role of Head Duck (even though she was the last to join us back at the farm!), leading the charge on their backyard adventures (and sometimes in the back alley as well, since they have pretty much excavated every slug and snail inside the fence walls, lol…). And while I’m getting used to only seeing the two of them when I let them out in the mornings, I’m still sentimental for the girls lost (and trying not to think about what we’ll do if one goes before the other since they can’t live solo and I can’t imagine having to re-home, as we have travel plans that mean we’re looking at going bird-less for a while when theirs and our senior dog's time is up).

So just like them, I’m living in the present, enjoying our lovely garden, and snuggling up at night with the one I love. Seems to work for them, right?


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