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DIY Life: The Patio Raised Bed

Having a concrete back patio, I wanted to find a way to warm it up and soften the vibe with shrubbery - but not with a bajillion pots. I also wanted to do this project using existing materials, and pair it with trellises to go vertical in our cozy lil backyard.

So with that I repurposed leftover 5' fencing and cut up a 4x4 post donated by my nextdoor neighbor, quickly building the bed. For simple drainage, I left small amounts of space between each lower slat. Then I covered it with two coats of some existing leftover green paint, the same used for our back door and shed door.

To save mega amounts of potting soil, I filled it halfway with old logs that were cut up when we took down the messy plum in the backyard, added a good amount of compost, a thick layer of organic potting soil, and sprinkling of straw from the duck house.

As of today, we've now got a very happy young Hibiscus / Rose of Sharon (left) and Japanese Climbing Hydrangea in there! Behind them on the left trellis I've got smaller homemade beds, hooked on and holding a variety of herb starts. It makes me happy whenever I see it!


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