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Delphinium: “Black Knight"

Okay folks I'm SUPER stoked about this delphinium. Actually all three of them that I risked planting after massive failure at our last house. Having wanted desperately for these super tall delphiniums to greet those walking up to the front door back in the city, I was so bummed when they died in a heartbeat there. But hey, the sun and shade was a trip in that particular spot of the garden, so this time I decided to plant these at the edge of my new Fruit Forest, in full and complete sun, with stakes ready to protect them as they grew. Success!

While this Black Knight variety isn't to the full five feet in height, it's already 3 1/2 feet high and truly amazing to look much so I realize I should have (as usual) bought five times as many. But as I've said before, the first year is about finding out what thrives and what sinks in a garden, and so it'll definitely be on the list to expand next year.

A little less "bunched" than the smaller delphinium in our side garden, you can see the flowers are a bit more independent on the column. Also known as larkspur, delphiniums are hugely attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies (woo hoo!) and of little interest to the local rabbits (our yard is pretty well fenced off but the dog did chase one out the other day who'd found a small entry point, grrr....). But really, it's the purple that gets me every time :)


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