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Daylily: "Entrapment"

I always thought daylilies weren't for me. Then years ago a neighbor's mom had a plethora of them to get rid of and I decided to take the orange ones off her hands and created a beautiful border between our two homes. And then last year I discovered "Entrapment". This pink reblooming daylily has quickly won my heart with it's gorgeous hues, and its remarkable ability to keep coming back even when planted in rocky soil and stepped on by errant ducks.

Turns out these lilies are also great for rockeries and keeping away rabbits! While we've never had an issue with the latter, I've heard one too many stories so, like with my past life on the farm planting things that the 'deer superhighway' our garden was at night was important to keep in my back pocket. They're drought tolerant but in particularly loosey-goosey soil, I've found they do benefit from a weekly deep watering to keep their greenery pretty. And the more obvious their foliage is? The more likely the girls are to walk around it, rather than through it!

"Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance." ~ John Steinbeck


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