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Columbine: Kiragami Red & White

While our last two abodes have provided specific 'full sun' and 'full shade' areas, the home we are in 75% 'part sun'. Due to a neighbor's huge evergreen tree sitting in juuuust the 'right' spot, it puts the front garden into shade on and off throughout the day, and after the neighbor's landlord clearcut their backyard, casting our entire shade garden into, well, sun, we had to make quick adjustments as our fuschias were never gonna make it. So, I decided to embrace a Northwest native - the Western Columbine - and plant even more varieties (this was the first one, which has exceeded all expectations in our backyard), as they adore the part sun / part shade vibe...and don't require a ton of hand-holding. From purple to red to yellow to this beauty, I am excited to see how they add to and light up our urban flower garden!


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