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Chaste Tree: “Flip Side”

When we lived on the farm, I had planted a small chaste tree in the corner of our garden, and while the weather was far too mild, it did end up blooming the first year, and inspired me to remember it in future gardens.

When we arrived back in the city, I noticed a gorgeous mature chaste tree just across from the botanic garden not far from our home, and was immediately inspired to get one in the ground in our own backyard. While ours is only a couple of feet tall, it has really thrived in the sunny corner of our backyard, where, as the instructions specify, it should basically just be left alone.

Chaste tree, also known as vitex, is a popular medicinal used for menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms, but is also just a gorgeous, drought tolerant shrub that will eventually become a tree if you shape it and, again, just leave it alone. It doesn't need any fertilizer, it just needs to do its own thing and it will repay you in these beautiful pale lavender blossoms...

Kinda cool eh?


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