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Centaurea: “Amethyst Dream"

Oh how I love the Centaurea!

And oh how I love that this time around it’s in the perfect spot - AKA, far from our ducks! Also known as Mountain Cornflower, this beauty is great for the drought tolerant garden, which is how I designed our front garden to be. And far from our professional waddling snackers who love good greens to much on, not just worms and slugs? It’s flourishing!

(That was one of the things about planning the garden this time around - not just to have one section be full of drought tolerant plants, but to also keep the girls in mind when shopping at the nurseries (on the farm, it didn’t matter, they had acres to roam, which when downsizing back to the city we were in for a serious reality check when they went after SOOO many of my young plants...til I got wise and surrounded them with hardware cloth til they got big enough - but even then, our hyssop and rockrose both got a pruning that the latter never recovered from!).

I love these as well because as long as you deadhead them regularly, you have lots of reblooming - pretty rad for this almost alien like beauty, don’t you think?


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