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Catmint: “Walker’s Low”

Ever forget what you planted and/or think it's something totally different? For the past few weeks I'd been assuming this beauty was a salvia that I'd forgotten to tag, all the while wondering where the second Nepeta (catmint) was in our front garden. It grew taller and taller and I finally just snapped this photo and used Google Lens to identify it and - sure enough - it's catmint!

I still didn't want to believe it was the Walker's Low because, well, it's almost 3 feet tall and I was naively assuming (never a good idea) that it would be, well, LOW. Not even. The more delicate, compact Souvenir D'Andre Chaudron 10 or 15 feet away, which I documented recently on this blog, is only about half this size! So I'm developing a brand new crush...and all the while hoping the neighbors' wildly annoying, destructive outdoor cats stay far, far away.

(PS - Don't get me wrong - we love cats as a species, but we HATE the selfishness of irresponsible cat owners who think it's perfectly fine for their pets to wander all over others' property but would shit their pants if my dog was walking around loose taking turds in their yard like their cats do in ours. Remember, housecats are NOT native and are responsible for killing literally BILLIONS of birds each year, driving many species to actual extinction...Australia and other countries are listening, and as usual, Americans are being dicks.).


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