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Camellia: “Black Magic"

When we moved into this house, our focus this time around was, in my terms, “buying time”. Meaning, no longer buying teeny tiny plants that take years and years to grow to full size and instead buying ones that will look great right away. Investments? Yes. Worth it? Heck yeah.

Case in point: our two camellias. Having planted one at the farm in a teeny-tiny pot and seeing it grow maybe 4 inches in a year, I knew I’d be an old woman by the time it got to the height we were envisioning. So this time, I bought ones that were 4-5’ tall, essentially “plug & play” to enjoy them more fully, more quickly. It’s been SO worth it already!

Our first camellia japonica to bloom, shown here, is Black Magic, which has proven to be even more beautiful than we could have anticipated. It is flourishing against the east facing wall of our home, and the blood-red blooms are so unbelievable…and to us, so much prettier than the standard varieties that the big box stores sell. Plus, while most camellias are near the end of their blooming, this one is just getting started!

Now, we patiently wait for the other variety, Blood of China (which is purported to have a lovely fragrance as well), to open up its buds! So much more ahead, I’m so glad we bought this bit of time...


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