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California Lilac: "Italian Skies"

I think I've mentioned three or four hundred times how much I adore the Ceanothus shrub. Ever since my sweetheart and I planted our first one back in our home in the Rose City, it's just been "us". On the farm, I planted 6 or 7 along the fenceline and one out front that became beautifully monstrous within a year or so, and when we returned to city living, I knew it was a good omen when I saw the huge Ceanothus in the backyard that needed some love and sunshine to get its groove back...

This one is right at the top of the stairs when you come up from the street to our home, and has tripled in size since I initially planted it! The bees adore it, my husband & I are crazy in love with it, and seeing it from the front window just gives me a smile in my heart, I gotta say. "Italian Skies" is one of the larger varieties, growing up to 5x7', and while they say that these can be short lived, I beg to differ, at least here in our neighborhood where they have transformed into near-treelike status on many a lawn over the decades! Ceanothus, as always, brings much needed color with little or no water, so it's especially great for areas prone to drought. When visiting the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden back in early 2019, they were all over the place, giving me TONS of inspiration...

Pretty gorgeous, no?


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