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Before + After: A Living Room Transformed...

Keeping our new home green both literally and environmentally, we went from stark white generic walls to a lush green, bringing both a more colorful (but not blue this time!) AND more of a nature vibe to our home. I found some "Pinspiration" for the wall shelves (screenshot included below) as well, which was kind of fun. I'd wanted to do true floating shelves but the weight of them and reliability for things like books and A/V was not a risk we wanted to take. I was also originally planning to re-cover our green velvet sofa, but something in the green-on-green we are kinda digging right now!

(Note: there is a huge white brick fireplace across from the sofa very similar to our last home, but we're still working on that decor after retiring the chimney after removing the old gas fireplace & vents.). This cost almost nothing beyond the pine for the shelves, big box store iron brackets and eco-friendly paint, but here's the overview: * Paint: Zero VOC "Great Barrington Green"

* Rug: Safavieh jute (ours) * Recliner: Crate & Barrel (ours) * Sofa: I forgot the brand (ours) * Coffee Table: Dan made this from salvaged red oak back in Portland * Side Tables: Crate & Barrel * Plant: A ficus we recently gave a makeover to, trimming the base branches off to give it a tree-like instead of bushy vibe! * Floor lamp: City Lumber in Astoria (ours) * Art: Dahlia photo I took in Giverny & another of my great-grandmother that my dad gave me

I'm definitely digging the shelving unit, although I am *not* one for lots of tchotchkes on shelves, I admit. We had downsized our book collection SO much before we moved that I forgot we actually didn't NEED this many shelves! But I dig this for the TV as I don't care for TVs above fireplaces and allows it to be somewhat absorbed into the shelving.


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