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Beautyberry: “Profusion”

Probably my favorite "winter interest" shrub is the Beautyberry. It is SO gorgeous along a fence and who can resist purple berries? This one is only a few feet tall since it's new, but I can't wait to see it grow and reach the fence height as it's expected to. Beautyberry - i.e., Callicarpa - has proven to me to be pretty cold hardy, low maintenance and definitely adores being in a sunny spot. In my first home, it easily got to over 7 or 8' in a couple years, which was awesome, and to have that bit of color when the leaves have left so much in the garden is such a treat! I planted a different variety at our last home not long before we sold it, but it was much slower growing because it was planted in more of a part sun location in front, but hopefully the new owners are seeing berries as it's so worth the wait!

PS - the berries aren't edible for us and birds aren't terribly keen on them, but the flowers in late summer are gorgeous and definitely attract the pollinators!


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