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BBQ Chickpea & Potato Salad

Whaaa...two vegan posts in a row from a non-vegan? That's what happens when you get connected to some seriously good recipes! Today I saw a gorgeous photo of @veganricha's BBQ chickpea & potato salad and it instantly reminded me of how my husband gleaned some free potatoes and can of organic chickpeas from work and I wasted no time in making it... While I didn't have every single ingredient (and I admit this time I cheated and used some leftover BBQ sauce in the fridge and subbed basil from the garden for cilantro), this was HELLA good. I ate mine on a bed of greens, and when my husband got home he had his with some fish. Either way, soooo yummy. I'm hooked. Not a bad recipe yet from this vegan chef - go check her out!


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