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Banana Upside-Down Cake

While I usually display my desserts from afar, the detail of the banana upside down cake my husband and I made together was so pretty I had to share it with y'all up close. One of the easiest cakes to make, it's simply a matter of making a brown sugar / butter / vanilla glaze in a cast iron skillet for like 2 minutes, then placing the sliced bananas along the entire bottom of the pan into that glaze, and pouring the cake batter over it. Bake it then quickly flip it over onto a plate, and you've got happiness...

A few notes?

...the recipe calls for rum but, being without it last night, my husband's idea to sub our homemade vanilla was super brilliant...and boy did it taste extra luscious!

...this is super easy to veganize - we use Miyoko's vegan butter for everything nowadays, and with the milk, that's an easy sub as well with some homemade organic oat milk.


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