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Backyard Extras: Kicking off Alley Fence Mural 2.0

As soon as we got our first 50+ degree dry day, I could feel the itch:

It's time to create. Time to paint.

Moving from the city to a small town this past fall, the strangest coincidence occurred: our house also came with an alley behind it, with a blank slate of a fence ready to, in my humble opinion, paint!

While the last alley fence I'd whitewashed to create a blank canvas then paint one long mural, I decided this time to keep the existing cedar vibe and make each panel a different theme - tulips (what my town is famous for), garden wildlife big & small, my love of the sea including our beloved Northwest orca, an homage to my husband's home country, and a tribute to women. Minus a sea bird I want to add to the sky, the ocean panel is just about done, so I thought I'd share that first...

It's February, so there are only sporadic times where it is both dry and warm enough to do this, and so this might take a while, but in an alley where several fences have paint on them to cover up tagging, I'm sprucing up ours. I'm bringing the color back!

PS - This is also a great way of using up leftover paint, y'all.

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules.” ~ Helen Frankenthaler


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