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Backyard Extras: Alley Mural 2.0 is Complete!

The mural on our fence facing the back alley is officially complete!

It’s a longer one than the one in the Emerald City so harder to capture in its entirety, so below I’ve shown both halves which can be clicked on to see up close including the quotes I painted on each, which are focused on the planet, from simple living to climate change to the beauty of nature!

As an aside, it’s clear we’ve got something going on in FRONT of the fence, I know…that is the start of a very, very long hügelkultur pile that I’ll eventually be growing thing from, and if I can get find enough scrap wood in the area, enclosing it into short raised beds. The sunshine is pretty awesome there, and I was super inspired by my lovely nextdoor neighbor who did this with a beautiful squash patch while we were getting moved in !

I’m also thrilled that my sweetheart decided to participate in the project, contributing these three snow geese to the final panel. We see so many of them each morning like clockwork, flying over our neighborhood to the farmlands during their winter months spent here in the Valley, and have fallen in love with this unique experience in our new community. Like watching the hundreds if not thousands of crows “commuting” home each night over our neck of the woods in Southeast Seattle in past years, witnessing the snow geese from Wrangel Island, Russia, overwintering here has been a privilege.

So there you have it! Inspiration from near and far has created another mural that has already gotten us some sweet compliments from neighbors, including a woman the other day who told me it “always made her happy” when she took her walks through our alley…which is all I could ask for! In a time when I hear more from certain neighbors indirectly than directly, it makes me happy when I can connect with people face to face, human to human, and it’s the start I wished for in this new community of ours...

"We live in a world that has narrowed into a neighborhood before it has broadened into a brotherhood.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson


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