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Amsonia “Halfway to Arkansas Blue Star"

Quite a name, right? The amsonia here is literally this blue - no photoshopping y'all! Also known as Blue Milkweed, this variety is one I really did think I'd killed over winter, but sprang up from what looked like the grave to become this 2-3' tall beauty fairly quickly, and I'm so glad I didn't pull it out!

This specific plant's re-emergence is what also convinced me I needed to buy oodles and oodles of plant tags to stake into the ground near everything front AND back - not just to remember the varieties of each, but also for wintertime when things die back. Now we will know, with 200+ plants already in our gardens here in the Valley, where to give a little space when it's little in the spring, what is just hibernating during the winter, and of course not having to run back inside to my Google Doc (yep, I track everything now). Plus I gotta say, I am a sucker from way back for plant ID, ever since my dad and I would spend hours at the Hoyt Arboretum back in our hometown.


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